ResearchV4DiR is for Researchers.

Do you have mountains of data points or stacks of LiDAR but no way to get a good handle on what it all means? V4DiR can help make sense of all kinds of data by creating a visual model that with 3D you can literally see inside your data.

AutonomousV4DiR is for Students

Does your design team have feedback data from sensors? Or do you have some big data you need to analyze for a class? V4DiR can graph and model all that data in a way that makes sense and can help you get a leg up on everyone doing analysis by hand.

AutonomousV4DiR is for Everyone.

V4DiR is a turnkey visualization platform for anyone with large scale data conducive to visualization. We have created a user friendly program called Transformer that takes columns of the user's data and transforms it into a format easily shown on V4DiR.

Fully Expandable

V4DiR is designed to be used on any display and features the ability to use on any system. You can do initial investigation on a laptop, then come into a visualization center for more granular examination of data.

Detail Oriented

Our visualization center features a Samsung XBR-65X900A, allowing you to view your data in crisp 4K resolution or use 3D capabilities for more thorough exploration of your data.

High Performance

When you come into our visualization center you will have high performance computers at your fingertips. For even higher performance or large memory needs you have the option to utilize our on campus data center for high power rendering.