ResearchThe Convenient Personnel Carrier.

MinerRide is a green, rapid personnel transportation vehicle developed by IT Research Support Services. MinerRide utilizes an inverted pendulum design and can safely reach speeds of 12 mph. Its fully electric design allows riders to rapidly travel up to 6 miles on a single charge.

AutonomousDesigned for Intuitive Use.

MinerRide is a self-balancing, two-wheeled, elevated platform operated by a rider standing on it and shifting their weight forward, and backward to control speed. The steering mechanism can be shifted to the right or the left to initiate turning.

AutonomousDesigned with Security and Adaptability in Mind.

User identification and authentication has been facilitated by an LED omni-wheel which allows you to enter a specific color combination to activate the vehicle. The wheel also doubles as a battery life indicator and a speedometer once the vehicle is active. We have implemented wireless protocols to allow us to control behavior and debug the code while the vehicle is in operation.

Arduino Due Controller

Powered by in house developed software, the 84Mhz 32-bit Arm Processor monitors an array of sensors and drives the motors to keep the vehicle balanced and stable.

Brushless DC Motors

These 800W, 36V hub motors are mounted directly to an 18 inch wheel and capable of safely carrying a 250lb rider at 12 MPH, each one controlled by a Magic Pie Motor Controller.

Custom Aluminium Chassis

Designed entirely in house, the chassis was manufactured using the S&T developed water-jet and CNC machining.