ResearchInformation When and Where it's Needed.

Minerbytes is a web-based digital signage solution that allows for information to be shown at specific times and locations. This provies people with the information they need, and drives viewership for the sign owner.

AutonomousMade for People.

The MinerBytes interface is simple to use and can provide anyone with the tools they need to get their message out quickly. Since all control is managed on a web-based control panel, owners can change their sign's message from anywhere.

AutonomousReady for an Emergency.

In the event of an emergency, natural disaster, or intruder MinerBytes is capable of deploying emergency information where it is needed. Signs in the MineBytes system can be harnessed to provide alerts or directions for evecuation based on location.

Inexpensive Hardware

The student developed MinerBytes software is capable of running on a range of hardware from the $35 Raspberry Pi micro computer to a full workstation with multiple monitors.

Completely Scalable

MinerBytes users can control a single sign or hundreds. The web interface groups sign by location automatically which makes it easy to manage a large number of signs at once. Users can also share sign content with each other making deployment of information an snap.

Web-based Controls

The intuitive web interface is written in PHP and Javascript and allows users to update their signs from anywhere. This is where users can create playlists, change content schedules, and update their signs.