ResearchThe Ultimate Mobile Research Platform.

As MinerFly is an aerial platform, it has the capability to reach a variety of places a human would not be able to reach safely. Featuring autonomous flight, MinerFly only needs a human supervisor to intervene in the case of failure.

AutonomousDesigned to Carry Versatile Payloads.

With a large 155mm rail spacing, 330mm payload clearance, and almost a 50 pound takeoff weight, MinerFly has a large assortment of payloads it can carry. From LiDAR, DSLR cameras, and rescue equipment, MinerFly has the capability to fill a variety of roles.

AutonomousReady for Full Autonomous Flight.

With the ability to set predefined way-points, altitudes, maneuvers, takeoff, and land, the operators won't even need to lift a finger during flight operation.

Pixhawk Flight Controller

Powered by open source software and a 168Mhz, 32bit ARM core, MinerFly has the capability for complete autonomous operation.

Tarrot 5008 Motors

Offering just over 8 pounds of thrust per motor with 1855 props, MinerFly is able to provide over sixty-five pounds of thrust.

Carbon Fiber Frame

With an extremely light frame and an all up takeoff weight of approximately fifty pounds, MinerFly has the ability to lift heavy payloads.